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Photos from church services, events, fellowship or other church related activities.

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April 24, 2013 Wednesday Bible Study Took some more fun pictures on Wednesday bible study. We studied 1 Samuel 16 and learned about David’s anointing and the beginning of Saul’s demise. Can’t wait til next week to hear about David and Goliath. 0
April 21, 2013 Sunday Service Took some great pictures of the congregation this Sunday. I needed some shots for the new website and as is my custom, I took more than I needed. How can I not share? Click on any image to zoom. 0
April 6, 2013 Stamp Party! The ladies got together for a great time with one of their favorite hobbies. Frances led them making some great cards. If you haven’t seen the cards they make at these gatherings, you are missing out. 0
June 24, 2012 RJ Get’s Baptized We all had a great time having a bar-b-que at the Sheridan’s home. After the food and some fellowship RJ made a public demonstration of faith and was baptized before all present. It was a great day for all, but 0