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Monthly Archives: June 2013

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September 1, 2013 How Does the Bible Differ from the Twelve Steps? As Christians it’s so important for us to keep God’s Word separate from our own wisdom. As one who’s been in recovery since High School, I have been looking at the difference between secular twelve step programs and the regeneration 0
June 17, 2013 Sharing at the Jesus Center Chico is such a beautiful little town and we are growing in every way.  Unfortunately, the homeless problem is growing with us.  There are “shifting sands” everywhere, especially among those who’ve landed on the streets.  I became homeless for a 0
May 26, 2013 Change Change On my late night drive home after a long day at work the other day, my mind started wandering.  I started thinking about change, especially when it comes to things concerning religion.  It seems the older I get, the 0
April 24, 2013 Wednesday Bible Study Took some more fun pictures on Wednesday bible study. We studied 1 Samuel 16 and learned about David’s anointing and the beginning of Saul’s demise. Can’t wait til next week to hear about David and Goliath. 0
April 21, 2013 Sunday Service Took some great pictures of the congregation this Sunday. I needed some shots for the new website and as is my custom, I took more than I needed. How can I not share? Click on any image to zoom. 0
April 6, 2013 Stamp Party! The ladies got together for a great time with one of their favorite hobbies. Frances led them making some great cards. If you haven’t seen the cards they make at these gatherings, you are missing out. 0
June 24, 2012 RJ Get’s Baptized We all had a great time having a bar-b-que at the Sheridan’s home. After the food and some fellowship RJ made a public demonstration of faith and was baptized before all present. It was a great day for all, but 0